How The Voice That Listens was born?



Since I was little I have been fascinated by the inner human world, the emotions and the consequences of expressing each of them and to feel them when they are and are not expressed, among what there is behind every action realised by humans. The inner fights for trying to do always what is thought right according to their level of consciousness. Our existence and everything related to our inner world are fascinating.


   I have always observed behaviours, I have tried to understand what lies beyond each emotion, feeling, acts, or beyond everything that has been kept silent. Or beyond all those unexpected events that happen for any reason in our life which cannot be understandable per se, only until they are analysed with an open mentality to be completely understood. Or the magic of life which if we allow it to happen will take us to different places that we never have dreamed of or living wonderful times which will become memories after all.


   Indeed, what has moved me to create this page and to make this idea come true is trying to understand even more our world and to share my point of view with the world with the only goal of doing some kind of good to human beings. As a result, and as a consequence of walking The Pilgrims´ Way and therefore everything I have learned, I got a series of Ten Lessons which can be found and shared to the world on my YouTube playlist *Lessons*(TheVoiceThatListens), event in my life which helped me to see life in a more simple way and to make the most of this adventure named life.


   There is a great deal of pain in this world, many broken hearts which get cold and do not dare to feel life in fullness, whatever the reason could be, being hurt or getting used to the chapter they have to live in their own stories, which become a never-ending story, so the beauty of living has become in a kind of horror story with a bittersweet flavour where routine lives above everything and all the emotions, acts, feelings, daily actions or even little moments which can be considered as miracles aren't appreciated as they should be with a fulfilled heart.


   Walk with me this road, let us discover together how beautiful is to live, giving the best of ourselves and receiving the best from the world. After all, we are here only to leave our best mark and to make Earth a better place to live.




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