I still remember the talk with my wise friend about fear. What fear really is? Is that energy that stops us from getting out of that private circle made by us? No, fear is more than that. Fear may have a benevolent purpose. Thus, I finally asked to find the answer: What is the energy of fear? He replied back:

- Fear is an energy with a double meaning, like a knife.

+ What do you mean?

- It is up to you how to use it. You can use it to hurt yourself or to cut the grass which doesn't allow you to see the road.

I knew that fear stopped me so many times from achieving those happy moments which I have made in my head. Teach me how to use fear as a weapon for my own good blessing.

- I will but first, let me tell you more about it though.- He replied -. See, the energy of fear is needed in your life. You need to gain it as a friend. This energy isn't here to make your life difficult. This energy comes when you doubt about something you would like to do and don't feel confident enough to do it. If you doubt, this energy takes control of your inner power. However, if you use it as a friend, it becomes your guide.

+ My guide?

It sounded weird to me, although I allowed him to go on.

- Yes. When you use the energy of fear as a friend, you make sure that everything must be done cautiously. This energy is here to help you to to do everything carefully, step by step, and then it becomes your consciousness, who will tell you if what you want to do is good or bad for you. However, if you use it as an enemy, it will destroy you, and it will not allow you to reach your dreams. This energy is the push you need in difficult times.

+ Can you tell me more?

- Do you remember all those times when you wanted to do something you swallowed saliva and had second thoughts? There is when fear comes to play. It is your decision to say to it: "I am here to use it for my good own sake", so you will be brave enough to do what you thought, and fear will be a companion to do whatever you wanted the best possible way. Thus, because of going further of the possibly ordinary for you, you will feel that you became a better person. Fear invites you to improve yourself! Now go, use that energy.

Then I understood everything he said. He always was right for me and helped me in my spiritual growth between the whispering of the trees and the voices that listen.

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