Be good, do good.

Do you remember those times where you have been through difficult times? Where your morality, inner voice, survival instinct, love, whatever we call it, made everything work fine for us or improve things at least?

It can be a problem in the family, an existential crisis, the loss of a job, having to leave your country and to start a new life. I am sure that in all those difficult moments you have used all your power, you have been shinning with your own light or you have made fear your best friend to help you together with your intuition.

In those difficult times when everything fades, there is a light in ourself that switches on to help us go through improving ourselves or helping someone else which made us put aside our "mask" or "ego" to help from our heart.

What I mean here is that we do not really need that situation or difficult times to help others and to improve ourself. That feeling is inside of us because we want to make Earth a better place to live for future generations, even if we do not know how to improve our own life. Kindness, goodness, compassion, willingness to do good to others are not made to fit in our society but to make it better for others close to us. It can be writing a letter to someone where it is said what has been forgotten, giving a sincere compliment from our heart, giving a hug, smiling to strangers, these small things we think that they don't have any meaning, because we have done hundreds, but trust me, they really do. Compare your good actions with a mountain, every grain is small until it becomes a huge mountain.

Let us keep helping each other, so the ego will become only that willpower to go through difficult situations when darkness surrounds us and there is any meaning to be happy again. Let us be more kind to each other, but first to ourselves, so we know the benefits from it and we can make good to everyone on Earth.

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