Born to die?

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Last night while I was lying on my bed, I started to listen to my inner voice. Why were we born? To be happy? To suffer? I knew that there is an incredible truth behind this question. So, I decided to have this talk with my old friend next time I will see him:

- Tell me, why are we born?

* You, humans, have forgotten that you all are souls who come to this world to learn lessons or to have an existence. You are souls coming from the stars, from the energy of the Universe. Therefore, there is where we will return someday. That is the destiny of every soul that comes to this Earth. Death gives you the gift of enjoyment, to enjoy when you are born, to enjoy when you become older after every birthday because you know that someday won’t be more time to enjoy life, because you will be gone forever. You, humans, have forgotten that one day you will be death.

- Do you really think we have forgotten it?

*Well, let us say you didn’t forget it, but you have ignorance about it. It is like you don’t care at all! Death is a gift, to enjoy life and to have a new beginning once death calls you. It is so simple to understand.

- What about the present, past and future?

* Listen, if you die today, you don’t need to worry about the future. You must enjoy the present because it is where, if it means to be, you need to be afraid. It is rather the present what could look like a prison. However, by all means, the past is the prison. The present is where we become free of every negative thought or sentence, we had imposed on ourselves in our past.

- Thank you so much for your advice! From now on I will enjoy life no matter how it comes to me!

So because of such powerful advice, I decided to go to the party...

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