Getting lost is the consequence of a new encounter

How many times did you feel that something doesn't fit in your life? Like if you have bought a puzzle, but one piece looks like it is by "mistake" there. There are no mistakes. The same situations repeat themselves, any answer can be found to your questions, and it takes you to have an existential crisis.

Nothing goes as you have desired, and you don't understand anything, but when you expect it the most, pum! something happens what looks like the lost piece of the puzzle of your life. Since that, you start to remember why that day months or years ago you got fired from any job, or why you stopped being friends with any special person, or simply what you have desired your entire life didn't happen, but in exchange, you get something which you never asked for and you are more thankful than you could be if your dream comes true. Everything seems to work out on the track!

Sometimes getting lost in life or the thing of not knowing what path is the best for you is a way of the Universe to say to you: okay, fine, now you have the control of your life, where do you wanna go next?

When you get lost, don't get controlled by the uncertainty, just try to listen to your heart because you will hear what you need to do to find yourself again, because sometimes when we get lost, it is a chance to recreate ourselves, to become braver and to defy all the knowledge about life we collected when something wasn't working properly.

We need to say thank you when we get lost, because thanks to it, we will be more humble, and then when we find ourselves, gratitude and happiness will be even bigger than when a treasure is found by ourselves, because there is nothing with more value than when you have discovered the best version of yourself, every day, or after asking yourself every night: Where is life taking me to? Don't worry, soon or later you will find all the answers, or life will change all the question to find yourself. Nothing happens by chance.

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