Inner voice

I know you can listen.

I know you are here right now.

I am your inner voice.

I just want to help!

Why do you think every time you hear me, everything works out again? I am the voice which knows what you should do every moment, I am your intuition. Do you have doubts still? I live inside of you! I am the voice of your conscience, too. I just you to be in harmony with who you are and with the Universe. Why it is so difficult to pay attention to me?

I know that you prefer to listen to the voice of your ego, who always says "everything is okay". My darling! When you hear a lot of times that "everything is okay", wake up and let me guide your way! You live thinking that everything around you is perfect, but not always is, always there is something that can be improved. When you listen to me, you don´t hear that everything is good or bad, you just feel it. You feel peace in your heart.

I just want to improve your reality, or whatever you consider reality, I just want to put some order in your life, so you act in harmony with your soul and the Universe. I know that you prefer to avoid my voice and to live in a reality which doesn´t belong to you, why? Why are you so scared to find me?

Let me help and guide you. I am here, inside of you, connect with your soul, listen to my voice, your voice.

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