Updated: Feb 16, 2020

What is kindness for you?

For me, kindness means helping someone who really needs your help. Kindness is an act of love, which can be done in so many possible ways.

I still remember when I was a kid I was very kind to a sir. I was walking with my mother in the street, and I saw this sir coming to us. As soon as I saw him, something inside of me moved me to say: Good Morning. The sir smiled at me and said: what an educated young boy. I still remember his happy face and how good I felt for doing that act of kindness.

Not long ago, while I was having lunch in McDonald's, I saw this blind guy walking around, lost, changing directions. A fire, the fire of kindness, started to burn inside me, which moved me to help him. In the beginning, my inner voice said: go help him!, but my fear said: no, stop, don't go, he can reject you. However, I didn't care if I could get rejected, I was feeling I really had to do something. So, I left my food on the table, went out of McDonald's and said:

- Hello, do you need help?

* No, thank you, don't worry honestly, I am just waiting for my wife who is shopping around.

I still remember his kindness in his words. He didn't reject me rudely, and I really appreciated that. My heart got open for helping him, and my love moved me so much. He thanked me several times, and after conversating for a bit, I went back to finish my lunch. There I was, inside, looking at him and almost crying, because I felt a powerful love inside of me, and the fact of being strong, listening to my heart instead of the voice of the fear, made me feel terrible happy for the rest of the day. I thanked the Universe for this opportunity of doing a good action and for being helped too because he accepted my help.

Whoever needs help, don't be afraid of asking. Ask, and help. And if you are rejected, don't worry about it, find someone else who will accept your help. You never know when you could need help or even someone who says to you "Hello", or even smiles to you when you feel lost and sad because you feel no one cares about you.

Love, Peace, Kindness.

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