Put your shoes on!

That morning I was at home, relaxing, thinking about how I wanted my day to be. Lately, my fear paralyzed me, I could not plan my day to make the best of it. I was contemplating the smooth breeze caring the trees in my front garden while I was drinking a delicious hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows on top of the white cream. Suddenly, something unexpected happened.

- Ding dong! Ding dong! There is someone at home?

I wasn't quite sure who was, the voice sounded familiar though, so I decided to open the door.

+ Mark! It has been such a long time since I met you! What brings you here?

- My car! .- He said, joking as usual -. I have discovered a forest out of town which will change your life. The vegetation is full of vital energy, the trees are tall like towers, the birds sing songs about dreams come true, songs about love which defy even the saddest face, so I thought I could go with you. What do you think?

+ I love the idea. Shall we go now?

- Of course, put your shoes on!

I run to my bedroom, it promises to be such an exciting adventure! Birds talking about love, trees reaching to the sky, sun shining in the puddles made by the rain from the last night.

+ Mark! I am ready. Where are you? I went to the street to discover that he left. I sit in the stairs trying to understand what happened. Maybe I put on the wrong shoes or I took so long getting ready, physically and mentally. The truth is that I had the perfect shoes to wear under the stairs, but I decided to put on the ones of the indecision to have such an amazing adventure.

"Whatever thing is when it comes by surprise, don't doubt any second, just be brave and leap. It doesn't matter if you are ready enough for it, the road will get you ready! If you decide to take time to think about what you are going to do is right or wrong, times go by, you put on the wrong shoes and the chance fades. Just leap to it and discover later if what is coming is good or bad for you!"

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