The Bridge to Self-Improvement

We use to desire to achieve million of things in our life or even things that we would like to happen to us. Every day we cannot avoid that thinking of today I want to achieve this or today I would like to do this. Right?

We use to get lost focusing on what we want to achieve that this desire makes us dream about how will be our life once we achieve it. However, what about the way which gets us walking where we want to be or what we want to have? What about the bridge?

Yes, the bridge. The one we need to build with our daily actions, like actions that connect the present, our idea and what do we want to achieve with what is on the other side, our future. It is beyond our feelings. For example, you have desired all your life to go to Miami, so you say today "the next summer I will go to Miami".

So you get lost thinking that you want to go to Miami. Hence, you forget about how to make it happen. In this context, the bridge is doing needed things like saving money and buying your flight ticket.

Sometimes the bridge can be so narrow, maybe there is the need of stopping your craving for chocolate, books, or whatsoever, so with these actions, the bridge can be built with high-quality wood boards and ropes which never will be broken. Other times the bridge can get magically built when, for example, someone buys your flight tickets!

One way or another, we need to feel the same illusion in the hallway, whatever it is to be achieved. Why? Because it will remember us how important is to deserve what we want to achieve, even if is easy or difficult or let us say, necessary. Indeed, because sometimes we think that what is been achieved with effort taste better. Isn't it?

How true it is this poem by Constantino Cavafis, which goes:

As you set out for Ithaka hope your road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery.1

Because the most beautiful thing is to enjoy the bridge, it doesn't matter how easy or how difficult is to cross to the other side and to say to ourself that we are one step closer, that we can do it, that with self-love and understanding closing to the other side of the bridge is possible.

Many people will want to take a better jump forward to cross to the other side where their achievement is avoiding the bridge, just like if their bags aren't full of patience (how necessary if this virtue though), so they will fall over the edge and then go back where they started.

Once we find ourself on the other side the same illusion which made us work harder will also make us feel like if our dream has come true. However, if what is found makes you feel that hasn't been worth the trouble at all and that your expectations aren't met, then look backwards, to the way you have walked, so you will discover where the true magic is. Even though, the best thing to do is to empty your bag of expectations, fears and doubts and make it full again with self-love to heal your wounds and courage to cross the bridge.

How wonderful is achieving what get us inspired before and after our journey and to achieve what makes us cross the bridge to get what we have desired all this time long!


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