Unwanted company

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

During a winter night, I was sitting alone in the table of the bar, looking down. All the sudden I had the feeling that three individuals were sitting next to me, and looking to me, the introduced themselves. They were my fear, my insecurities and my sadness. They put on the table a contract where was my name, surname and my signature on it, like if it was an endless mortgage to be paid until the end of my life, and then they looked at me again, very convincing.

My eyes skimmed every single letter. It looked so real, like if it was true that I signed all the papers when the sadness and the hopeless was playing inside of me. Like the light of a beautiful day turning into shadows where even a smile couldn't change the colour.

At that moment, I stood up, leaving them all alone to walk as far as possible. Come back, you can't leave! They said. But I kept walking. Who are they to keep influencing me? There wasn't any sense to remain sitting in that table, with guesses I didn't invite to my life.

No, I left them behind, I smiled and all the sudden I saw a light around me and I understood that our negative feelings are kept by our side because we ask them to stay, when in the end they are just temporal. Nothing is forever. These negative feelings can fly away where no one needs them, but we allow them to stay inside of us, creating fear and doubt to be feed by our energy until they define us. You are not fear, you are not anxiety, you are not the illness, you are not the despair. You are not whatever makes your soul lose its light.

Don't you understand that whatever you sign and how you signed is going to influence you until you die? Wipeout your signature from everything you feel that isn't vibrating with who you really are. Many things we have inside, to give one example, that pain because of losing someone, isn't forever! These hurting feelings are temporals which helps us to "be humans" and to have human experiences, but at the moment that we sign to keep them with us for long, we can be lost.

When I looked behind, challenging, to get rid of everything I wasn't needed and imposed by me, they were gone, and the table was empty, again.

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