What are you waiting for?

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

What are you waiting for to conquer the world, to do what you really want, for example, writing a book which you always have desired to write, doing that piece of art which you already know will be your better doing, but you think that you are not able to do such a thing, or starting to live the life you think you deserve?

What are you waiting for to fight for yourself and to attract to yourself all the blessings that you deserve? Of course, you deserve infinite luck, goodness, love, purity. How sad is thinking that we don't deserve each good thing that we have! We really do! If you made mistakes in the past which make you think you don't deserve each good thing you already have, listen, we make mistakes, we are human, but don't allow it to condition you. Forgive yourself and say a huge thank you.

What are you waiting for to stop sitting in the couch to conquer the world, your own world, where you are the king or queen? Start believing in yourself, and if someone doesn't, it is okay, I am sure that later or sooner they will do, but you, please, don't give up on yourself, don't switch off your inner light to believe and to give some light to this world with every single good thing you have inside but you don't allow them to go out.

Don't wait to be said to you "I am sorry, but you have cancer, or HIV, or whatever illness which will end your life", to give a meaning to your life. Our lives have an expiration day. The saying "I will do it tomorrow" or "I will do it later on" doesn't have a meaning anymore when you realise that you only have a life to fulfil with beautiful experiences. How heartwarming is making something happen whatever you have been waiting to make true! Saying I did it! I have been brave! You believed in yourself. Never is too late to start.

Please, look after yourself, mind, even more, your own thoughts, feelings, opinions and virtues. Love yourself a bit more, fight for yourself and give to your life the meaning it deserves. Listen to your heart!

There is only a 03 February 2020. Make it full of the best experiences and enjoy yourself and the company of those who are happy to have you in their lives.

So, how are you going to make the most of your days from now on?

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