Who are you?

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Who are you?

Yes. you, the person who is reading it right now.

Do you know who you are?

Every time someone put you down, remember who you are.

Every time someone says how you are, don't listen. You know who you are.

Every time darkness sets around you, remember who you are.

Every time something difficult happens to you, remember who you are.

Every time you get hurt, remember who you are.

You are not what others say or think about you. You are not the outcome of any situation.

You are not your own problems or negative thinking.

You are more than that. Don't let others define you, or even your past.

Every time that you allow yourself to be free from what others think about you or the expectations people set on you, you start walking your true path to your soul, to your little sanctuary. Who are they to define you? We are used to defining others by how they act, or how they talk, what is that? No one has the power to go where all our feelings and thoughts come to life.

So, when someone says you something you think you are not, don't fight. Just be wise. Don't get angry, you don't deserve that energy. Let it go. Whatever is said to you, it is your power to care about it or to let it go. Then is when you are truly free! You know yourself better than anyone.

Just care about yourself, not about what others think about you. Only you are the true master of your life. Don't give power to others allowing to be manipulated with the definition from another person. Don't be influenced by another person. Only you know your true value.

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